Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Nightline and Tahoe

it seems that the Tahoe videos are getting some press. I just got this email through YouTube.
I'm emailing from ABC News and the show Nightline. We're doing a piece tonight on these Chevy Tahoe videos and would love to speak to you if you're in the New York area. Please give me a call.


Shani 212 555 5555

When I first saw the Tahoe ads, I thought, well, these are going to make it on some of those viral video shows on cable. I also considered writing to some news desks. But then I thought about a presentation I saw a few years ago. This media artist who did bill-board mods was talking to a group of media-activists about the impact his work had on the advertising intentions of the spoofed billboards. He mentioned (I think in the context of legal threats he had received) that he thought that his spoofs of advertising actually increased "mindshare" of the spoofed product, and so didn't hurt the advertiser's work at all, but rather enhanced it by drawing more attention to it (his spoofs were often featured in local news broadcasts), even when his spoofs were very critical of the products being sold or the advertising methods. He claimed it wasn't his goal to undermine the spoofed products, but just to enjoy himself.

I wonder if he was just talking shit to cover his ass from legal attack (that he had materially damaged the spoofed party), or if its true that even critical press enhances sales of a product just by increasing mindshare. I'd like to know, but I don't have time to look for the answer right now.


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