Saturday, May 27, 2006

an ent.

that's right. an ENT. I'm talking about lord of the rings here folks.

last weekend, I made a little surprise for my aunt sallie. she's really into having carved bears, trolls, kittens, kitch, etc, scattered all over her house. She collects masks, and I've made her a couple over the years (i gave her my halloween mask from last year...), so this was right up her alley.

anyhow, don't tell her yet, because I want it to be a surprise, but last weekend I finished the driftwood sculpture that I started earlier in the spring. I had told her that I would carve her a face for one of the trees around her cabin at Bear Valley (near Arnold, CA), and now it's done. I think it turned out just about as well as this sort of thing can.

My goal was to use the natural shapes of the driftwood, and so it was mostly about finding the right pieces and then removing the excess. My first time working with both driftwood and chain-saws. Fun!

The Ent for Aunt Sallie


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