Saturday, May 26, 2007

mariposa grove

Jess and I have now resettled in a really great cohousing community called Mariposa Grove. We're still in Oakland, but now we're living with a lot of other people, and we're buying a condo unit. This is great. The community is made of four old (but modified) victorians, and about 20 people live here. The 3 core units house 11 adults, 5 kids. It's interesting to be around kids. I'm enjoying it (they aren't my responsibility).

Also, jess and I made the switch to a car that runs biodiesel after the corolla was totalled, so we've now got one of those 80s era mercedes. We haven't done the conversion to waste veggie oil yet, but biodiesel is working out well so far. The water pump went out last week, but it wasn't too expensive to fix, and we've still got reserves from the insurance pay-off for Sonia (the corolla).

One of the shared perks (besides the chickens) is that there's a common guest room, so if you're in the area, we can put you up on something better than our couch. That's right, your own guest room and bathroom! Just let me know ahead of time, because there's a calendar that I'd have to put you on to reserve the space...

If you'd like to move in, one of the other units is actually opening up in August, and we're holding open houses over the next couple of weeks. Pop on by.

As for working, so far this space seems like it will be pretty good for me. I'm still working on the Vietnam UXO doc, so that's fine.



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