Wednesday, October 03, 2007

kissing alone

hey there. I changed my address again. I'm now in 828 B 59th St. Oakland, CA 94608. We moved from A to B at the beginning of September. It's slightly larger, more central to the community, and is finished more to our taste. We've been painting and had some construction going on until just recently. We're very close to very happily settled. But that's not what this post is really about.

Sometimes when you leave a place, you leave things behind that you would never know you left. And sometimes those things expose you in a very personal way.

The previous occupants here, in the room where my office now is, left something like that. She was a very nice 14 year old girl at just the age when a lot of teen stuff starts happening. I didn't know her well, just the externals. Her window was always covered with a black cloth, and she started dying her hair black while we were living next door. A lot of this is my imagination, but to me it seemed she was on the cusp of making a decision - to goth or not to goth?

Anyway, when she moved out, at first glance there was nothing left in her room. The thing she left was completely invisible except under specific lighting.

I knew nothing about her except the externals and that she was new to the area - a new kid at school. But then that changed. When I saw these prints, I could identify.

practice kiss recorded on the mirror

Practice kisses. Suddenly I wanted to listen to New Order. I think that's what I was listening to at the adolescent moment when I was kissing mirrors.

I should really clean this mirror, but somehow I don't want to. I don't want to be the one to erase the record of that age. Even though most of the time it's painfully awkward and it really sucks, it's still a precious time of life.

Sheesh. Fall makes me nostalgic as hell.


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