Thursday, December 06, 2007

WVO storage and settling

under the stairs are three 55 gallon drums soon to be filled with tasty oil!
i finally put together a settling setup for the waste vegetable oil that I've been collecting. Doing this has made me realize just how much energy I put into feeling organized. It seems that I really am committed to the idea of creating clean (and potentially time-saving) systems, even if they require a lot of time initially.

This is one of those cases. Linton had just been storing the vegetable oil in the containers he picked it up in, and letting it settle in those. In a lot of ways, that makes the most sense. I could have just settled on a system for keeping those buckets organized, but no. I wanted to build something, Not just shelving to organize the oil, but something a bit more 'developed'. I put it under the stairs, and I think it looks pretty good, and the first part - the collecting and settling - is done. I still need filtering and delivery, but that will come later.

Doing this, I could really see the pressure differences between a gravity drip and a siphon system. It really speeds things up to get the air out of the system, and now I have a mechanism for doing that. Still, even though it looks really organized, and I'll know I'll feel good using the system, I do wonder how much overkill this was. Ultimately, I think my satisfaction here is based on the assumption that this will save time in the long run. After doing this, though, I wonder if that's a faulty assumption.


Blogger S T E C K - I B A R R A said...

I certainly do appreciate being given the personal-tour of ABM's phsyché; especially when ABM deals gives us an intimate description of a characteristic that I myself embody 10fold. It feels good to see others grappling with demons that you yourself personify: isn't that so.

These battles are noble ones (it makes me feel better to say so):

invest-an-irrational-amount-of-time-now for the-immediate-artistic-pleasure-profit and the promise (false?)of later-easy-sailing and the promise (false?) of a nice R.O.I. (return on investment), usually measured as 'time saved', or 'less hazzle' which allows one to exist (in the future) in a state more 'zen-mindlessness'. I feel it's a quality that takes years to master, and in the moment of intense-analyses-perfectionistic-toiling, it hard to see how all that time will amount to anything but wasted. And many times it was 'wated' on a failed project. But failures are important.

That said, I have no idea what the heck this project in the end is trying to achieve, nor how you go about doing 'it'. I have never dealt with the WVOad cannot guess what these siphons do.

Sure your brain is interesting, but it would be cool to see what you spend so much time doing, especially if it was something 'stupid'; like those "stupid" questions never asked.

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