Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wholphin #7

Hey there. Wholphin #7 is out, and it has Select Your Intention as a bonus disc. I came up with Select Your Intention as an idea for the PEAR Proposition. It ended up not going on that set, but Wholphin contacted me when the lab closed, and a year point five later, here it is... Yay!
Select Your Intention interprets psi-research protocols for the video medium, and explores the influence of the human mind on pre-recorded quantum phenomena.
There's a lot more information on the Select Your Intention page on Psyleron's site. There's a lot of video material on disc, and more online. One bit not on disc is this video with Boris Fain. Although all the media was designed for participants in the experiment, if you're not familiar with the PEAR lab and REG experiments, that video will give you the basic idea.