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other stuff, in this case, is non-video dabblings.

stripmindmedia is the home of aaron michels. here you will find recent work, musings, links, and archives of his previous activities. please feel free to contact him.

here is some other stuff aaron michels does.

Light/Shadow Sculpture/Portraits

As of Feb 2007, there are new developments in the series of light carvings I started in the fall of 05. This time, it's not a back-lit translucent object, but an opaque front-lit piece. So I'm working with active shadows rather than active light. I'm also still refining the materials for the backlit portraits. Have a look.


Aaron and Jess have recently made the switch to running their automobile on Bio-Diesel . Running on waste veggie oil is in process. Living at Mariposa Grove helps, because there's an established relationship with a sushi restaurant where we can get waste oil. Using agricultural wastes as a fuel stream is cool. Energy efficiency was a big part of Aaron's upbringing.

GP Stencil Portraits

I recently completed a series of stencil-portraits of my grandfather, "GP". I'll post the final copies when I get a chance.

An Ent

Here's some more funny home-based art. When I mention this project to people I've had them recall to me a Saturday Night Live sketch about a "driftwood artist". It's my first experience using a chainsaw in this way...


Aaron has illustrated for various publications, and he's starting to do it again.


Aaron Michels also makes noises. Vocal percussion (beatbox) occupies him when he walks. Throat singing turns heads while waiting in line. Aaron has dabbled with some instruments, too, but is not a serious player of erhu, quena, charango, zampona, guitar, or piano.
- a newbie "battle" with an unprepared opponent.

Strip Mind Blog

Aaron writes a bit too, and StripMindBlog has his recent doings and thinkings. The Aatcon series is amusing.