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if you're looking for a recommendation, aaron's favorite videos here are "severed" and "untitled (pretty stuff)" - some of his shorter works.

stripmindmedia is the home of aaron michels. here you will find recent work, musings, links, and archives of his previous activities. please feel free to contact him.

here are some videos by aaron michels.

Demo Reel

This demo reel is available for potential clients or for your enjoyment.
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Video-al Experiment

Production on a challenging video/DVD-navigational-experience for Wholphin is nearing completion. This project uses refined experimentatal protocols integrated into looping DVD navigation systems to explore what has been described as, "a massively multi-operator, asynchronous, retrocausal, end-user creation of video content."

Compost and the Nutrient Cycle:
returning to healthy soils

An educational video about the science of compost and the nutrient cycle, this video was made in cooperation with Route 66 Organics in St. Louis and is intended for middle school children.


This one minute video charts the mental space of a very strange day. Thanks Joe Uhl, for the impetus. More info about this video at: this blog post.
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The PEAR Proposition

The PEAR Proposition is a multi-DVD/CD set exploring the PEAR (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research) laboratory, the foremost laboratory working on mind-matter anomalies.
The PEAR Proposition Page
trailer: small mov | youtube

40th of 400

On their 40th day in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of North-Western China, two Foreign Experts find themselves culturally adrift, taking refuge in cheap tea, splitting headaches, and strange new hats.
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Growing Up Racial

A first-person documentary exploring childhood and the racial dynamics of University City, Growing Up Racial focuses on whiteness in a black context, and the re-growth of prejudice in the next generation.
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A15 follows its characters through the events of the April 2000 World Bank protests in Washington DC. A surprise ending cuts the action short and exposes the simple humanities of activism in tight situations.
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Untitled (Pretty Stuff)

Overheard conversations provide the entry to this meditative experimental video.
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Hello... From the Anchor Desk

An anatomy of the transition joke. In this video collage, local anchors perform bad comedy made darker by its "news" context.
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Social Sites

Other short videos may be available on social software sites, such as the YouTube "stripmind channel," or the internet archive.